The company was founded in 1999 by Mr Ivica Mataija (Graduate in Business Administration) who got managing experience working in a manufacturing plant for turning parts, whereas the pillars of our success are the insight and experience.


Today, progressive industries give more and more priority to the minimisation of the process costs. The large number of suppliers increases the process costs, so the customers try to reduce the number of suppliers (bundling of suppliers), since each supplier is associated with administrative costs. From the customer’s point of view, it would be ideal to have one supplier, who covers the entire range of an industrial plant needs.


We work in cooperation with several manufacturers of turning and milling parts - each of them a specialist in their respective field – but with only one point of contact for the customer: imtech. The customer benefits in three ways: not only does he or she save the costs, but can also access a wide range of expertise - thus shortening the communication route.


This imtech concept was adopted from day one by the industrial establishments. Our customer base has been constantly growing at the rate above the average, resulting in the tripled sales during the first 5 years and in the last years the figures have even showed a double-digit growth.


In March 2009 we moved into our new building in the industrial area "Auf Stocken" in Bad Dürrheim. This relocation was urgently needed because only then could we continue our strong growth and increase our efficiency.